Build components for Adalo Marketplaces since its initial launch.

Started Paid Components since 2021

Launch with 7 components in 7 days to kickstart the component store and end year 2021 with 24 components Advent Calendar

Free Adalo Components

I build components for Adalo Marketplace since the beginning. All these free components are available to all Adalo users to use.
The QR Code Generator is our first component and it has over 8k installation usage on the Adalo.
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Premium Adalo Components

My paid components are selling on Adalo Marketplace and my own component store. Currently, there are around 30 components available. Drop me an email if you have a custom component to build.

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I’m Knight

Founder of Adalomatics.
I build every single component in Adalomatic
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VisualDev Studio

Nocode Agency
Turn visuals into products with #nocode

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